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We are a community tech organization focused on innovative solutions to ensure the growth of resilient communities generations into the future.

What is the Here2Help App?

Here2Help App is a not-for-profit app with the primary goal of providing community-based support services to those in need. Our platform matches volunteers with people seeking services based on their needs, location and availability.

How does it work?

Seekers submit requests for help within four categories in the app. Volunteers browse requests submitted by seekers and connect to offer support.


Make a new friend. Make a phone call with a new friend, or grab a coffee, or go hiking. The ball is in your court.

Pet Care

All of our pets require some extra love and care. We can connect you with many services such as pet-sitting, pet walking and more.

Help at Home

Need some extra hands for house work? Your community members are here 2 help, whether it’s garden work, cleaning, plumbing, or anything else.


We can help you get to where you need to go. Need a ride to a doctors appointment? We got you covered. Someone nearby is willing to offer you a ride.

Here2Help Community

Is made possible through the support of community volunteers and donations.​

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