About Us

Here2Help is a not-for-profit app with the primary goal of providing community-based support services to those in need. Our platform connects volunteers with people seeking services based on needs, location and availability. We feel that current social systems fall short in addressing our needs.

We believe we can get past these shortcomings with the power of people. A healthy community is one in which we can ask for and provide help when it is needed. Everyone is valued and has something to give. Our goal is to increase local community connections to create self sufficient community networks.

Here2Help is contributing to the human-centred understanding of communities, so the infrastructure of the community supports each individual in achieving personal and collective agency. This supports the paradigm shift that needs to occur in our local communities, and applies knowledge and connection around the world towards helping us become a more resilient species.

We are building a traditional community model that places reciprocity at the core without monetary attachment.

We hope to use the value of reciprocal kindness to reconnect our community, one member at a time.

We’re Here2Help!