3 Benefits of Walking You May Not Know About

Walking has grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic, as it offers us ways to get out of the house when working from home and is how we can catch up with friends when we can’t invite them over. Besides these and other obvious health benefits, walking has other advantages too, some of […]

The Cognitive Benefits of Language Learning

In an increasingly globalized world, the benefits of an additional language are clearer than ever before. As well as giving you an edge in the job market, speaking another language can help open up a world of travel, cultural experience and human connection. But a lesser-known benefit of language learning hits us even closer to […]

Coming Together to Keep Communities Safe

Community Safewalk

In March of this year a woman walking in downtown Vancouver was being followed by a stranger. She felt scared and sought help from a group of people at a skatepark. In the same month another woman hiking on a Burnaby trail was followed, until she seeked refuge with a stranger. In April a woman […]

Yoga Workshop with Music Therapist-in training, Navin Sahjpaul

Join us on Sunday, June 27th at 10:30am PST for a yoga workshop with soon-to-be Music Therapist, Navin Sahjpaul.Follow this link to join the session. Navin My name is Navin Sahjpaul. I am a Musician (Gohj-ji), Music Therapist in training, Yoga Teacher, and Writer (Mental Health Advocate & Philosophy). I believe in human connection and […]

Supporting Indigenous Communities: Educational Resources for Non-Indigenous Allies

June is Indigenous History Month in Canada, and part of supporting Indigenous communities is self-education. But sometimes, figuring out where to start can be quite overwhelming. Well, fear not! I’ve put together a small list of different educational resources so you can continue (or start!) being a supportive ally.  Books A Recognition of Being: Reconstructing […]

A Paradigm Shift To Feeding Our Children

Girl holding an apple and donut

What would a typical meal of a five-year-old look like? Ideally, it should comprise meals from all the five healthy food groups: vegetable, fruit, grain foods, dairy and protein with a low amount of salt, fats, sugar and high fibre. But do we adhere to the standard? In today’s fast-paced world, it indeed comes as […]

How Hugs Keep Us Healthy

Have you ever hugged someone, a friend or family member, who you hadn’t seen in a while and realized how good that hug felt? That’s because hugs actually affect our wellbeing and mood, and some studies have shown that hugs can keep us healthy. When we hug someone, our body releases the hormone Oxytocin. This […]

Soma Starwalking Journey

Join us for another SOMA breathwork event! Kyle Espenshade is hosting a 2 hour Soma Starwalking Journey.He’s giving our Here2Help Community 33% off of a ticket with the code ‘here2help11’ at checkout! Registration through this link: https://withribbon.com/Soma-Alchemy/SOMA-Starwalking-Journey/127220 When: June 10th – 4pm PST / 7pm ESTLength: 2 hoursWhere: Through here The Event SOMA Breathwork techniques […]

Understanding Houseplants and their Benefits

Our relationship with houseplants has drastically changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people have always been self-proclaimed plant parents, but for many, like myself, our obsession with these leafy green organisms didn’t begin until quarantine. But houseplants have many benefits that some may not be aware of. Houseplants help us form a […]

H2H: Empowering Communities

H2H: Empowering Communities ‘No one seeking help should be left stranded, and every volunteer gets a direction to connect.’ Often, we witness or hear about scenarios where a neighbour going through depression yearns for someone to talk to. Or a teenager needs a ride for soccer practice, but mom is stuck at work. Or a […]